Callan 26 is a 3 1/2 octave 26 string lever starter harp fitted with nylon strings which makes it an ideal instrument for students and beginners. With a fully adjustable floor stand, Robinson levers fitted on the C’s and F’s. additional levers can be added on request

To date, I have made this model using ash, beech, cherry, walnut, birch, elm, sycamore, yew, hornbeam, maple and alder.

Callan Harps offers a full refund on this harp when up-grading to a 34 string harp


Custom 26 string:

Coloured                        Wide sound-box, cedar sound-board, carbon strings









Custom Callan 26 string fully levered harp

This 26 string model can be also customised with a larger sound box, a spruce or a cedar soundboard instead of birch wood.

This option allows for the use of carbon fibre instead of nylon strings which, combined with the bigger sound box will provide a bigger sound and a better tone.

Please contact me for more information.

Callan 26 (detail)

Callan 26 (detail)







Sound sample

Listen to “The Rights of Man” hornpipe played on a Callan 26:

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