Callan 26

Callan 26 is a 3 1/2 octave 26 string lever starter harp fitted with nylon strings which makes it an ideal instrument for students and beginners. With a fully adjustable floor stand, Robinson levers fitted on the C’s and F’s.

Callan 32

  Callan 32 is a 4 1/2 octave 32 string student harp.  The triangular sound box makes it a more affordable model for students before moving on to a professional model. It is fitted with “Alliance Savarez” carbon fibre strings and

Callan 34

Callan 34 is a professional 4 1/2 octave 34 string lever harp fitted with “Alliance Savarez” carbon fibre strings. The 10 bass strings are steel wound with a nylon core. Every individual harp is also fitted with a full set of

Different wood species will determine a unique sound and look.

All harp models can also be customised on request.

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Making a harp

All harps are designed and hand crafted in my workshop. Callan harps are available in four different and customisable models, from absolute beginner to student and professional. Options include sharpening levers, floor stand, wood carvings and custom made harp bags.

Locally sourced timber
Hand crafted harps
Custom Design