Callan Harps Bursary award for a Callan 34 string lever harp 2017

A total of two bursarys will be awarded.

50% of the total purchase price of the instrument

Who can apply?

Students with interest and ability within the age range 13-18 years inclusive may apply. (Note: you must be no more than 18 years of age and no less than 13 years of age on 30/06/2017). Applicants must be resident in Ireland.

Where the applicant’s existing instrument is no longer adequate to their standard of proficiency.

Bursaries remain valid for 11 months however they must be drawn down before 01.12.17.

Who will decide?

An Independent Panel, with the appropriate expertise, is in place. The Panel’s function is to oversee the process and assess the qualifying applicants. Their decision will be final. 

How will applicants be assessed?

The Independent Panel will assess applicants based on the level of music skill and ability demonstrated and the quality of documentation submitted.

Closing date for completed applications is Friday 3rd of February 2017.


The application process includes:

  1. A fully completed Application Form
  2. A Personal Essay (approx.1,000 words written by the candidate)– in this essay you should give details of:
  3. how you became interested in music and playing the harp
  4. your achievements in music to date
  5. your ambitions for your future musical development
  6. how being the beneficiary of a bursary would help you in achieving your musical goals
  7. why you believe you should be considered for this bursary


Candidates in receipt of a previous bursary award are not eligible to apply

Name of Bursary Applicant:


Date of Birth:


Current Age:


School Class/Year:


School Currently Attended:



Name of Parent/Guardian:

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Postal Address:





Parent Mobile Phone Number:

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Email Address:


Please list the instrument(s) played by the applicant, including voice,

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What type, brand and model of instrument do you currently have?



What is the name of your current tutor or music service that you attend?




I declare all information submitted in this Application Form,

I give consent for my child to be photographed and posted on Callan harps web page.